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Ghost in a Jar Necklace!

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This punk spirit in a bottle is a spooky charm to haunt you! Handmade glow in the dark pendant.


★Meet Zadie the Ghost!★
Adrift for who knows how long (she won’t say), Zadie will scream her way through your next punk show right along side you. She is also happy to tag along with you on daily adventures if you or a friend would like the company.


Pendant height: 2.25 Inches

  • Height: 2.25 Inches
  • Chain: Antique silver color plated brass chain with beads
  • Chain length: ~30 inches
  • Bead decor between jar and chain: Alternating black glass beads with a silver skull bead in between
  • Ghost: glow-in-the-dark and black polymer clay
  • Jar: Glass with glued cork top

To ensure a lifetime of individuality to the buyer, you can be assured that this adorable Ghost in a Jar necklace is a unique and individually handmade item, created in a limited quantity to ensure that it remains a timeless treasure. A Wirehed Laboratories exclusive design, this eclectic Ghost in a Jar necklace absolutely cannot be found anywhere else in this dimension.

Considerately acquired by our resident ghost hunter, Nux the Cat, all of our ghosts have agreed to be contained in these jars with the idea that they can spice up their afterlife by keeping you company and perhaps even offering you some protection*, depending on how well you and your ghost bond (and frankly, not all ghosts are cut out for protecting, but they all are vetted to ensure they make great friends). These ghosts are perfectly happy riding around with you as a statement necklace, hanging next to your bed, keeping you company at work or in your car. They are very low maintenance and will reward you with a happy glow in the dark if you let them see some light.

Each ghost is carefully hand sculpted using a glow-in-the-dark and black polymer clay. The accompanying necklace matches each ghost personality. A black velvet gift bag with a Wirehed Laboratories pin-back button, and small ghost sticker is included with every Ghost in a Jar order.

We stock a limited number of ghosts at a time.

*Protection not guaranteed.


👻 Please ask any questions you may have before ordering.
👻 You will receive one handmade Ghost in a Jar necklace.
👻 These Ghost in a Jar necklaces are relatively fragile so we do not recommend they be worn by young children.
👻 Please handle your glass bottle Ghost necklace with care!
👻 Always remove your Ghost in a Jar necklace before showering or sleeping to protect the glass and cork and no tarnishing of the metal occurs.
👻 Please remember, we make each ghost by hand. They have imperfections, it is part of their charm. Please examine the photos closely.

👻 Each ghost necklace comes wrapped in tissue paper and tucked in a small black velvet bag with a Wirehed Laboratories pin-back button, ready for gifting!
👻 Is this a gift? If you'd like a printed note added to the order please type the message into my "note to seller" section of the order and I will happily add a special message!
👻 If this order is shipping to a friend, also be sure to leave the correct address on the order or you may end up finding the package in your own mailbox.

You will LOVE our horrible little art!

All original art and design! Created within Wirehed Laboratories headquarters in California.

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